A grief journey through the eyes of the clown.

Creator/Performer: Kate Walder,  Director: Jo Turner, Composer: Shenzo Gregorio, Costume/Set Design: Sabina Myers, Sound Design: Tegan Nicholls, Lighting Design: Benjamin Brockman, Assistant Sound Design: Ayah Tayeh, Stage Manager: Emma Maloney


When a loved one dies, where do they go? Where is their voice, their mind, their spirit? Le Voyage tells the story of a young woman in the throws of a powerful grief, as she attempts to come to terms with these metaphysical questions. It is simply beyond the bounds of her comprehension that she can never spend another moment by their side. 

But what if she can? What if the physicists are right? What if there are multiverses and simultaneous time lines? What if time and space are not what they seem and she can crack through to where her loved one is now? If she just looked hard enough and searched in the right places, if she could just find the right corner of the universe to peer into…

Le Voyage is the heart warming story of a blue-nosed clown who goes on a voyage through the harsh landscapes of her mind. Created by Kate Walder and Jo Turner, the piece combines delicate clowning, superb visual imagery, mime, aerial work and stunning original music from Award-winning composer Shenzo Gregorio. Le Voyage premiered at the 2018 Sydney Fringe Festival at Legs on the Wall’s Physical Theatre Hub and is now available for touring. Please contact for further information.

Images by Jasmin Simmons.
Videography by Marcel Bracks.



Creator/Performer: Kate Walder, Director: Scott Witt, Composer: Shenzo Gregorio, Designer: Sabina Myers

The hero of this story is at war with time. She is determined to suspend it from the edges of the universe, freeze it in an unforgiving landscape, or at least figure out why it keeps following her. Her travels take her to the middle of the ocean but just before she plunges it into the watery depths, she is struck by the luminescence of the moon.

In some other time and place, some other version of her is up there. She is looking for directions to get beyond the constraints of her universe and locate someone who no longer exists in time. Her persistence takes her on a voyage into the stratosphere where she is pushed to the brink of her own courage and forced to reconcile with loss. 

Images by David Hooley Photography.
Videography by Marcel Bracks.


Tumble into a looping world of memory, imagination and dreaming...

Created and Performed by Kate Walder and Laura Turner

Eve is looking for something, something she lost. Or was it something she never had? As she navigates a series of sleepless nights, Eve tumbles into a looping world of memory, imagination and illusion. A story about the mind and dreaming, of loss and letting go and the guidance offered by the great satellites of the sky. Combining puppetry, projection and clowning, Satellite is a collaborative, devised work by Kate Walder and Laura Turner. The show premiered at the Old 505 Theatre in March 2018 as part of the Freshworks season. 

Images by Michael Pigott and Laura Turner